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History of Sugimura Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Date Events
Dec.1955 Established Sugimura Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Jan.1956 Opened Kansai office
Oct.1960 Set up Moriyama factory
Jan.1963 Opened Kanto office
Set up Technical center
Jan.1982 Opened Kanagawa office
Jun.1986 Set up new Technical center
Established a joint venture company, PEISUN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. in Taiwan
Oct.1986 Opened Hiroshima office
Oct.1987 Set up Fujioka plant
Dec.1990 Opened Tohoku office
Jan.1991 Technical grant to ITW Chemical Products Ltda in North America
Oct.1992 Opened Kyushu office
Oct.1993 Opened Chugoku office
Technical grant to Rocol Lubricants in UK
Jun.1995 Opened BEISHAN CHEMISTRY (JINAN) CO.,LTD. in Jinan, China
Sep.1996 Set up a joint venture company,TOP SUN in Thailand
Dec.1998 Fujioka plant obtained ISO9002 registration
Opened new Technical center
Opened PEISUN CHEMICAL (Zhuhai)CO.,LTD. in Zhuhai, China
Technical grant to ITW Chemical Products Ltda in Brazil
Technical grant to Rocol Lubricants South Africa LTD in South Africa
Jun.2001 Fujioka Plant obtained ISO 14001 registration
Oct.2002 Technical grant to ML Lubrication GmbH in Germany
Feb.2006 Opened new Kansai office
Jan.2007 Opened new Kyushu office