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Sugimura Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. considers creating an environment that is friendly to the earth and people is one of our most important missions. We promote development and manufacturing activities that are in harmony with environmental safety in order to fulfill our responsibility in society as a good corporate citizen.

The Fujioka Plant of Sugimura Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. promotes the environment that is "friendly to the earth and to people" as a manufacturer specialized in rust preventive agents,metallic corrosion inhibitors,metal working lubricants,metal finishing agents,mold release,metal cleaning agents,plant growth stimulants.

  1. In our manufacturing activities, we acknowledge the environmental aspects of production and products, minimize the impact on the environment and prevention pollution and continuous improvement by the following means:
    • Reduction of substances that have an unfavorable impact on the environment
    • Conservation of resources and energy consumption
    • Minimization of releases to the atmosphere
    • Waste reduction
  2. We adhere to all environmental laws, regulations and agreements for pollution prevention and to maintain compliance.
  3. We set environmental goals and objectives and act to continually improve our performance.
  4. We have provided all employees with education and training in order to raise their consciousness concering the environment.
  5. We have made these policies known to all employees and are available to the public.
Masatoshi Sugimura / Senior Managing Director