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HIBIRON series are designed to be added into acid solution in order to inhibit the corrosion of steel.

They protect steel during the pickling process.

Pickling Corrosion Inhibitor:HIBIRON


HIBIRON has been widely used as a scale removal agent in the sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid process for descaling steel.


  • Prevention of steel leaching during pickling
  • Inhibition of hydrogen gas generation during pickling
  • Improvement of the surface finish
  • Reduction in acid consumption and improvement of the working environment


Surface roughness becomes stabilized when HIBIRON is added.

If HIBIRON is not added, corrosion is generated over time and the surface becomes rough.

Chemical Cleaning Corrosion Inhibitor:HIBIRON


This product has been used a supplementary agent to eliminate scale which sticks to the inside of boiler and cooling water piping systems.


  • Prevention of steel leaching
  • Improvement of the surface finish