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SUNPRESS series are metal forming lubricants for stamping applications of metal.

Stamping Oil:SUNPRESS


Used in stamping and forming processes to reduce friction between the dies and work piece.


  • Anti-wear properties for tools
  • Anti-seizure properties


Superior extreme pressure activity

The role of the lubricant in pressworking operations is to reduce the friction between dies and work piece thereby minimizing tool wear and galling. During pressworking operations, the friction between dies and work piece is in the mixture condition of fluid lubrication and film boundary lubrication. In the fluid film lubricating area, friction resistance is low and in the boundary lubrication area it becomes high. SUNPRESS maintains good fluid film lubrication when friction is low, and when it reaches the boundary lubrication area, it demonstrates superior extreme pressure performance.

Tests under various situations

In order to meet diversified requests for product testing, we have been conducting not only various laboratory tests but also tests using actual production scale pressworking equipment.

100ton oil hydraulic press machine test

200ton crank press machine test

Product Line

SUNPRESS includes various types of products

Neat type stamping oil,Water-soluble type stamping oil
General stamping oil for drawing, blanking, and bending applications
Blanking oil
High quality stamping oil for fine blanking applications
Volatilizable stamping oil
For elimination of degreasing process
Chlorine-Free stamping oil
This is an environment-friendly stamping oil which does not contain chlorine EP additives with superior anti- seizure and anti-wear properties.
It is a replacement for conventional chlorine containing stamping oil.